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Bite-sized, regularly updated content accessed on the Amazon Echo and one of the most popular ways of extending your brand into the voice activated world.

With our busy, screen dominated lifestyles, “flash briefings” allow your brand to reach customers in a personalised audio ‘news feed’ that includes only what they like and is delivered to them in a ‘frictionless’ audio format when they want it. The opportunity for your brand is create content that makes you as much a part of someone’s life as a morning cup of coffee.

We can help you achieve this in a number of ways, depending on your specific needs be they creating Flash Briefings on your behalf or giving you the tools you need to get your own great briefing off the ground.

Services include:

  • Show you how to build and maintain your own secure content stream
  • Help you develop your own “audio brand”. Guide you in presentation skills, how to create engaging content and how to best reflect yourself in this new space.
  • Content Creation: We can create bespoke audio content to match brand objectives and customer needs
  • Content Delivery: production, packaging or re-versioning of existing content to create a consistent, high quality product
  • Sonic Branding: Our production team can create ‘sonic logos’, harness our network of voices and musician to create brand ‘imaging’ that matches your identity and values


This is the home for your brand in the voice activated landscape.

It’s the extension of your website, social media channels or mobile app. Customers can access a broad range of information and interact with your brand and content in a number of ways; interactive games, audio diaries, sales platforms, brand storytelling, information updates…the possibilities are vast. We can work with you to create a bespoke channel that engages your audience and works for your business objectives offering a complete package from initial concepts to full build and activation.


Do you have a particular event, launch or product to promote or an upcoming campaign?

We can design and build a “Skills” or “Actions” that will help deliver and promote a focused message for your brand. We will create a bespoke voice activated product that seamlessly integrates to extend your brand offering.

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