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What do Hive Content Do?

We make creative, innovative ‘voice activated’ content for ‘smart speaker’ technology’.

As communication experts with a background in radio and TV broadcasting we understand storytelling, the power of sound and the subtlety of human language and relationships. In a world of ‘machine learning’ and ‘artificial intelligence’ this ability to make interactions feel natural…’human’…will be critical to success.

We’re helping brands harness the power and insights this platform offers to reach their customers, achieving their business and marketing aims and giving them a competitive edge. We can guide and advise on the most effective application and deliver you something your customers will love, thank and reward you for.

In short tell us about the aspirations for your brand and we’ll find and deliver original, engaging concepts that work for your customers in this exciting new channel. Simple.

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Hang on what is a “Smart Speaker”?

Smart Speakers are ‘voice-activated’ devices that respond to, and act on, whatever you ask of it. Not long ago this would’ve sounded like science-fiction, but this is here, now, and soon enough we’ll all expect, and be able, to get whatever we want simply by asking for it. Devices like the Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple HomePod (and more besides) are changing the way we live and control our lives. There was a time when people thought the idea of taking a picture with a phone was strange. Well, now it’s becoming second nature for people to carry out tasks, retrieve information, be entertained and pay for objects and services… all without a screen.

Game changer!

Ok, Ok… What about “Zero User Interface”… is that the same thing?

Well, yes and no. Did your maths teacher ever try to explain that “all squares are rectangles but not all rectangles are squares”?. Well, all Smart Speakers are ‘Zero UI’…but ‘Zero UI’ refers to anything you can activate with your voice. Pretty soon that will be everything you can imagine; from TV’s to toasters! Smart Speakers are the driving force behind a rapid uptake in this new technology. Experts predict that by 2021 there’ll be more smart speakers on Earth than people!

Cool. Sounds like the future. So, why is that right for MY brand?

Well, let’s have a chat to find out how it could be. We pride ourselves on producing the most creative and engaging ideas, but making sure it’s aligned with your existing marketing objectives and specific business goals is critical..

Voice activated technology is reducing ‘friction’ and changing consumer behaviour. For example, imagine when the gap between thinking you need something and purchasing is simply a voice command. No screen involved or button to be pressed…simply a request. Brand awareness, relationships and engagement could become even more valuable.

Like any ‘new’ tech that has commercial potential for a brand it’s important to understand the possible applications. We can guide, advise and explore what might be possible.

What kind of things can you create for us?

How long have you got? The possibilities are vast and expanding. The ‘gamification’ of a product that drives brand awareness? Audio content that positions you as a key source of information and can be added to someone’s ‘daily briefing’ along with the traffic and weather? Integration with customer’s calendars or other communication and social networks? A new internal communication tool that’s more exciting and engaging that just another email?

We don’t believe in taking anything ‘off the shelf’. Your brand is unique. Your customers have specific expectations and needs. Our creative and development teams will work with you to create a bespoke digital product or campaign that feels intuitive and personal. Find out more about what we can offer and drop us a line so we can start the journey together exploring what may be possible.

Can’t I wait and see if it really takes off?

Sure, you could. Many people did when companies started building websites in the nineties. Some waited to see if social media would go mainstream before investing in their brand offering in the noughties whilst others pondered whether mobile apps were a fad too. Now…voice activated technology. Actually, that should be, “voice activated technology…NOW!”

Early adopters can reap rewards and gain a competitive advantage when new platforms or ways of doing business emerge. Here’s some recent data:

  • 1 in 10 households have a smart speaker already
  • 25 million more expected to be sold this year
  • 60% annual growth expected in the next year
  • By the end of 2018 57% of shoppers will have made purchases by voice activated technology

Manufacturing and technology giants are making huge investment in this sector, including Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Samsung and Apple (with the HomePod being Apple’s first brand-new product in over 3 years). With manufacturers and consumers waking up to the potential of Smart Speaker technology, it’s no surprise that brands are slowly catching on to this as a uniquely personal and private consumer space and a new marketing channel broadcasting directly into customers homes and lives.

Ok, I’m in… but first, can you explain why you are ‘Hive Content’.

We’re proud to be based in Manchester, the city that gave birth to the industrial revolution, symbolised by the worker bee. The cities emblem is our emblem too and we wear the badge of innovation and industry with pride. We’re a hive of ideas and we know how to create a buzz. We’ll work hard to deliver you the sweet honey of success…err, did we just take the whole ‘bee’ analogy too far?

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