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Survey: Smart Speakers Lower Phone Usage.

For years now we’ve seen the popularity and use of Smart Phones growing year on year. More and more of our work and social lives are being connected via our handsets but now, for the first time, a technology is disrupting that trend.

New research shows that Smart Speaker owners are actually starting to turn their back on their phone in favour of performing voice functions.

Accenture and Harris Interactive conducted an online survey of 21,000 people across 19 countries which revealed that 66% of those asked admitted to using their phone less since acquiring a digital voice assistant.

We’re not just talking audio consumption either. As well as choosing their Smart Speaker Device over Mobile to access entertainment services such as music, owners are also making less on-line purchases (58% agree)

and conducting fewer internet searches (56% agree).

Whilst it is true that On-Line surveys aren’t always truly representative of a market, with subjects often showing more of an interest in technology than a genuine cross-section of the public, the size used in this study adds extra weight to the findings.

This data is not just yet another indication that ‘Voice First’ will be leading the way in consumer tech in 2018 but it is also a further warning to Mobile Phone giants Apple and Samsung that they need to join the race very soon. Both companies have suffered delays and issues in the release of their own Digital Voice Assistant but are expected to join the market in the Q1 of 2018. With 21% of the US population already owning a smart Speaker, they have some catching up to do if they are to become major players in this field.

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