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Smart Speakers: How Do You Use Yours? (Info-Graphic)

Research from Q1 of 2017 shows that “basic functions” top Smart Speakers usage.

There is little doubt that the potential of voice-activated technology is huge. The function of Smart-Speakers and their VO brothers and sisters are growing every day and their application as entertainment, business and communication tools is advancing at an astonishing pace.

However, as you can see, research from Q1 of this year shows that, for the most part, Smart-Speaker owners are using their devices for relatively simple functions. Web-searches and audio playing functions will always be towards the top of usage lists but as the technology develops I expect to see other, more complex functions also creeping into the list.

The challenge for any Skill/Action/App maker is creating functions that cause them to return time and time again, integrating usage into the daily routine. Engaging users creatively, solving real-life problems and identifying users needs are all key ways to create this kind of interaction and something we will be seeing much more of over the next 12 months of development.

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