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What are YOUR Plans for ‘Audio Marketing’ in 2018?

Whilst video marketing is currently the dominant force and will continue to be so. In 2018, audio marketing is continuing it’s ascent. It is being driven by audio assistants and Smart Speakers, whose influence and capability is constantly evolving.  Last year, 20% of all online searches were conducted through voice search. By 2020, that number will increase to 50% (comscore). 60% of people using voice search have only started in the last year. This is fundamentally changing the very nature of ‘SEO’, brand amrketing and the way customers interact with your business. Consequently many realise that now is the time to lay the foundations, experiment and master their communication in this new arena.
What we find especially exciting here are the new possibilities to serve and engage customers in a ‘voice first’ landscape. Audio is a powerful medium that facilitates the deeper levels of engagement that build brand loyalty and change consumer behaviour. You see a picture of an executive car, and you have one reaction. You hear the beautifully engineered way a premium executive car’s door closes…you feel that. Audio content will always have a way of reaching people on a uniquely 1 to 1 level and with th technology powering Smart Speakers and Voice Assistants…there’s a bright, blank canvas for you to create on.
A new customer service tool? An audio ‘newsfeed’ that places you as the experts in your field as you inform your customers of the latest developments and products? An audio based ‘app’ (called Skills and Actions depending on the platform) that serves your customers needs? A game that markets your brand and reinforces your values? Your brand integrated into Smart Homes and Cars?
There are a number of different ways we’ve already helped brands lay the foundations in this new space and many others are realising the competitive advantages in being early movers in this space. The data appears to concur, that it’s a case of when not if you should integrate strategies for ‘voice first’ into your broader marketing plans. How does it fit into your plans for 2018?
Drop us an email if you would like to find out more about how to harness this new channel and maybe how we can help.

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