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Alexa: Phone Home!

Smart Speakers just keep on getting well, smarter and its the Amazon Echo that would seem to be adding strings to its voice-activated bow quicker than anyone else right now.

The latest Amazon shaped rabbit to be pulled from the Alexa hat is voice calling which today was rolled out to the UK, Germany, and Austra after successful trials in the US.

Amazon Alexa is all about talking right? So, as smart as she can get and as cool as the tricks she can perform are it makes perfect sense that we should be able to talk to another human being via the little white cylinder in the kitchen.

There are a fair few voice-calling and messaging apps out there already but by introducing this new feature Amazon is yet again offering a proposition that can grow its already expanding client base. Once again VO technology is all about reducing “friction” no usernames or codes needed, this communication can be as simple as a “Call Mum” and opens up free web-based calling to a whole new less-tech-savvy audience.

Plus with the ability to change Alexa’s wake word you could legitimately have a reason to ask ‘ET. Phone Home”… and who could resist that?

How To Use Voice Calling On Amazon Echo.

  1. Firstly you need an Echo or Echo Dot Speaker. Got one? Good.
    **Actually, I lied… you can also use the Alexa App on Android or iOS.
  2. Make sure your Phone App is up-to-date, it needs to be to support the voice call function.
  3. Use the App to set up messaging. It will need access to your contacts list as well as your name and phone number (the system uses existing phone numbers to identify users rather than make calls).
  4. Make sure the person you are calling has followed the same process and don’t try and call someone who DOESN’T have an Echo. Stupid.
  5. You are good to go. You can now call fellow Echo users for real-life one-to-one chat and leave messages too.

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