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Heads UP! Is your marketing plan for 2018 behind the curve?

It’s anticipated that a whopping 12 million virtual assistants will be sold during this Christmas period alone. With corporate behemoths like Apple, Samsung and Google using the ‘holiday season’ to try to bridge the gap to Amazon’s market-leading position in the “voice first” world, the year ahead should be fruitful for those who take the leap to this new platform. 2017 was the year Alexa entered mainstream consciousness. 2018 will be the year brands utilise the power of this platform for advertising…is your business ready?

For some, building a marketing plan for Alexa has been kicked into the long grass. Mainly, we imagine, because it’s hard to get your head around the technology and its application with so many communication channels to divert time, energy and marketing spend too. NOW is the time to move your brand into a screenless, voice-first future.

Customers have their heads up and eyes open to the technology…literally, thanks to ever-increasing voice first, frictionless interactions! Consumers now expect to be able to ask devices for what they want, with ‘voice first’ becoming commonplace in people’s lives. Voice technologies are not far from ubiquity. Research shows 1 in 5 search engine requests are made by voice right now, reaching 50% by 2020. For once, science fiction AND the reality of technology seem to agree…the future involves decreasing use of screens.

Uber, Starbucks, Dominos…there are brands that have stolen a march on their competition and helped build the playbook from which other brands will mount their own foray into this new channel. The way people interact with their technology world around us are changing the behaviour and expectations of consumers. The imperative for brands to reach out and meet those expectations is here.

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