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Google Put “Voice First”…first!

Google’s recent product announcements put voice-activated technology at the heart of their strategy moving forward. They announced the release of 2 new ‘Smart Speakers’ to compliment the Google Home – the ‘Mini’ – a smaller, cheaper rival to the Amazon Echo and the ‘Max’ – a larger speaker that you imagine may jostle with the soon to be released Apple HomePod as a ‘premium’ Smart Speaker. Their new Pixelbook is “the first laptop with Google Assistant”. Additionally, Google’s Pixel 2 smartphone has an updated on-board voice assistant and they’re looking to keep pace with Amazon when it comes to making a purchase simply by voice command having brokered a deal with Walmart (US only currently).

What does this all mean? Well, mainly, that Google are acutely aware that the trend for consumers is going to move more and more towards a “voice first” interface. That people want, and will use the path of least resistance to get what they want. The opportunity is for brands to establish themselves in this voice-activated landscape and understand how to meet the needs of their customers in it.

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