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Amazon’s Echo Heads to India

The already impressive market leading position currently occupied by the Amazon Echo, Echo Plus and Dot ‘Alexa’ devices (approximately 70%), has been strengthened with the news that devices are now shipping to India and its 1.3 billion citizens. What’s more, Amazon are giving discounts and incentives to people purchasing products – 30% off and a free year of Prime membership – so they are equally intent on ruling the roost in one of the world’s fastest-growing economies as they are in North America and Europe already.

Of course, that also means a potential extra 1.3 billion pairs of ears with the ability to hear your message. This explains why some of the world’s biggest brands are switching on to the necessity to embrace voice-activated content as a platform, both now and in the future, to communicate with customers. The global marketing world is getting ever smaller and the opportunities to reach people through engaging content ever larger. We understand that the next territory for Amazon’s Echo line expansion is thought to be Japan.

Multinational companies are well equipped to cope with multi-territory, multi-language barriers. What’s really exciting about this technology platform is how it might help smaller companies reach new customers in far-flung corners of the earth that may have felt beyond their reach until now. The underlying technology allows the transition of content into different languages seamlessly. You reach your customers, or potential new customers, where they are in their native tongue, wherever they are.

The world is yours.

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