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Alexa Now Sends SMS Messages: Here’s How.

Amazon seems keen to establish their Alexa Smart-Speaker range as a true communication tool. Having added voice-calls to room-to-room communication and conferencing abilities last year, the tech giant has just unveiled Alexa’s latest communication trick.

The latest communication tool to be added to the Alexa toolbox is the ability to send SMS text messages to mobile devices and other Alexa enabled devices… although she won’t be able to read you your messages whilst you’re busy with your hands.

There are two small issues with the service currently, however. One, it’s only available in the US (although usually, Amazon doesn’t keep other regions waiting for long) and Two it can only message Android devices. Amazon tells us there are no plans to add iOS functionality because Apple does not offer their messaging API to third parties.

If the above doesn’t affect you then its dead easy to get started:

1. Hit the “Conversations” tab in your Alexa App and tap on the person icon on the top right of your screen, then hit the “My Profile” section.

2. Flip to button next to “Send SMS” to “on” and you can now use voice command on any Alexa-equipped device to send SMS to a contact.

3. Say “Alexa, send a text message” and Alexia will then ask which of your contacts you wish to send an SMS too.

4. Pick the contact in your Smart Phone address book and say their fill name (as entered in your phone). Alexa will then confirm the number you are sending the message too.

5. You then dictate the text message you wish to send (the audio of which will be sent to the recipient’s phone along with the text version of the message.)

This function has not replaced the Alexa to Alexa messaging that already existed so it’s worth being aware that “Send a TEXT Message” and “Send a message” will both trigger different functions. If however, you are using the latter Alexai will figure out which service is best suited to the action and route it accordingly.

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