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8 Ways To Build Your Own “Smart Home”

The home-of-the-future is here!

Voice-Activated and Smart-Speaker technology is transforming our homes into the kind of environments usually preserved for Science-Fiction movies.

A whole host of actions, entertainment, and home-based functions are now available on the likes of Amazon Echo and Google Home with some smart forward-thinking brands already taking advantage of this new space.

Here are some of the clever ways your humble abode COULD become a Smart-House!


Car manufacturers are using Voice Activated Technology more and more in their vehicles. As of this month, new Nissan drivers can now use their Amazon Alexa to perform certain actions from the comfort of their sofa. Starting the engine, unlocking the doors and even beeping the horn are all functions that can be activated simply by the power of voice.


91% of Smart Speaker users stream music and listen to podcasts on their device. Want to hear that new Ed Sheeran song… just ask!


Amazon has now introduced ‘Echo to Echo’ voice calling. Once you are set up in the Alexa Store calling mum is as simple as saying… well… Call mum!

You can read how to voice-call on the Amazon Echo here: CLICK ME


Smart Speakers are the first technological development in decades that is taking children AWAY from screens. 8 in 10 parents are saying that Smart Speaker’s have made it easier to entertain their kids with more and more interactive stories, voice-activated games and entertainment channels entering the market all the time.


Voice Activation isn’t scared of the little jobs either. Ok, Alexa cant make you a brew yet but she CAN boil you the water with a whole host of Smart-Speaker operated “Smart Kettles” already available on the market.


Not too far in the future, you’re “Smart-Fridge” will be able to keep track of sell-by-dates, offer recipe suggestions and re-order food items when you run low. For now, however, you’ll have to make do with a Fridge that brings you a cold beer on command. Just this month Panasonic unveiled the prototype for their voice-activated fridge, Ku, with uses LIDAR and depth sensors to navigate your home and come to heel when called!


Bored of plain old light bulbs? The Philips Hue range can be set to one of 16 million colors… 16 million! All you have to do is ask. Lights on, lights off, set timers, whatever you wish – just connect to your Google Home or Amazon Echo and away you go.


Smart-Speaker owners LOVE shopping on-line… 96% have bought groceries in last month. The Amazon Echo is connected directly to your Amazon Shopping basket which means you can instantly order items just by asking… if you have small children (or mischievous friends) however you MIGHT want to set a security password first.

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