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We are audio content experts with a proven track record of making amazing content on radio, television, podcast… and now Smart Speakers!

Tim Cocker and Jim Salveson first forged their partnership together on the hugely popular ‘XFM Breakfast Show’, breaking audience and commercial revenue records whilst winning the recognition of the industry with 11 UK radio award nominations. They’ve seen first hand the power of sound to create deeper levels of engagement and create moments of emotional connection that drives loyalty and behaviour.

Having worked in content creation on tv and radio with some of the biggest brands in broadcasting (including BBC Radio 1, Virgin Radio, TalkSPORT, BT Sport, Manchester City FC) as well as leading the way in the UK’s busy podcasting industry with a further 2 UK Radio Academy nominations in 2017, Tim and Jim reunited to form HIVE Content and create amazing content that ‘connects’ on these new, exciting content channels.

With cutting edge Creative and Development teams HIVE Content understand how to harness the power of Smart Speakers, using the principles and understanding of human communication to drive engagement through amazing content and bring your story to life.

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